Race Nights

Typical Big Screen Racing Format


Our presenter, Terry The Turtle, runs the show from start to finish. He's got a friendly voice and also has speech bubbles.

1. Introduction to the Race Night

The show begins with an introduction to how a race night works. We go through each feature by reference to a circular diagram linking one step to the next.

2. Lineup for the race is announced

The entry list for a race is shown on the screen. There are 8 runners in every race with each of their names and sponsors listed. Our MC, Terry, runs through the list of runners. The betting now begins – where your guests have up to 5mins to purchase a ticket, buy a drink and then sit back ready for the race.

3. A look at each runners form

Our MC, then introduces each runner together with its name and some important characteristics like its ‘sliminess’. He goes on to say a few funny comments about each one before handing over to the race announcer for his view on the race.  

4. The race is run

The runners then line up at the starting line – with the crowd cheering them on they head off down the race track with the race announcer keeping your guests fully updated.  All the races are very entertaining with some finishes not always the way you'd imagine.

5. The final results are declared

After a short pause for the judges to consider the preliminary results - the final results are declared.

The winner then takes to the podium clutching a trophy. The guests with a winning ticket can then collect their ‘winnings’ from the tote.