Race Nights

Spend a night watching BIG SCREEN racing !

Our Racing Night Packs

Our packs come with everything you need to run a successful night of big screen racing. In addition - you are welcome to combine our base packs with a choice of added options specially designed to enhance your evening.

One of our school boy snails !The actual races are based on our own uniquely created animated creatures with each race being fun to watch and of course having a twist or two which will keep the “crowds” on the edge of their seats. From start to finish you will be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to run a race night using one of our packs. 

Personalised to your requirements

The race pack that you will receive will be personalised with the details you included when ordering. This will include details of your venue, the function date and the reason for running the event.

There is also options to alter the default snail names, create new race names, add your sponsors' names as well as have added background advertising which can be shown either in between races or during the race itself.

eg: You have ordered a race pack at a sponsored charity event. Wording asking for donations can be shown during the race intervals while the sponsors logo is shown in the background while the 'runners' are going past.   


Another snail race night supporter ! Whilst we hope that our snail racing will create an impact – we are planning on developing additional ‘theme’ races for you to choose. We already have a few themes in mind however if you have a preference for what we should offer next then get in contact.