Race Nights


'A Night at the Races' is an extremely popular form of entertainment with many organisations and charities holding race nights at least annually.

You can use real money in order to raise funds for charity or a good cause, or depending on the type of event you are running it may be more suitable to restrict the event to simply entertainment (using the supply of our own fun money).

There is literally hundreds of race nights taking place throughout the UK each week celebrating the following:

Halloween, Office christmas party, sport presentation nights, family socials, weddings, birthday party, a stag (bucks) or hen night party, a Christmas or Summer Ball party, a formal dinner party, a wedding evening, corporate dinner, team building day, conference event, awards ceremony, graduation ball, school fundraising, charity fundraising and Church socials. 

Our animated snail racing night DVD’s are simple to use – with our very own Master of Ceremonies (MC) Terry the Turtle providing guidance throughout the show. All race DVD's have speech sub-titles to ensure the deaf and hard of hearing enjoy our product. Our software is what is commonly referred to as ‘plug and play’ so there is no need to be technically minded.

The interaction of the snails during the race along with some funny effects will keep both adults and children on the edge of their seats – even yelling and screaming at a snail who is trying his hardest to win!!!  

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